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I’ve been making lots of little updates recently so I thought it would be useful to start recording the changes (at least the ones I can remember) on here, so here we go…

Change Log 17/11/2013


  • Completely changed the gameloop, you should find the framerate is more stable.

Simulation logic

  • Giving birth now costs health. This is a big change, before in the simulation giving birth was like free energy for a species. Now the mother has to give some of her energy to the child.
  • Creatures now spawn with a random velocity, this will avoid having stationary creatures.
  • Creatures don’t spawn with 100% health, i.e. they need food
  • Decreased rainfall in the desert
  • Various balance changes

Future Changes

  • Friends list with ability to send creatures too each other
  • Import and export creatures and game saves
  • Achievements

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