New Plants

I’ve had to push an update sooner than I would have liked for reasons discussed¬†elsewhere. I wanted to do much more testing because it’s a big balance change, but it’s up so lets make the most of it.

The big change is the relative scale of the creatures to the plants. When I pushed the oceans update I realised that most of the creatures had a view distance longer than the width of an island. If we want species to evolve on an island we need the islands to appear bigger to the creatures. To achieve this I’ve introduced a scale variable.

The scale is a number, between zero and one, which determines how big the creatures are compared to the plants. A scale of 0.5 means the creatures are half the size of the plants. It also effects a number of other variables, such as creatures speed and view distance. Getting this number right is going to be pretty difficult so I want you to help me do the testing, so I’ve opened up the variable so you can change it in your browser.

If you use chrome start the game and open the javascript console from the main menu, as shown in the image at the end of this post. For example, to set it to 0.5 type¬†scale = 0.5 into the console. The change happens immediately, have a play and give me some ideas. There are some more variables I’ve left open which you can change in the console, over the next few months I’ll try to put together something on a wiki to explain what they all do. My priorities over the next few weeks, however, are to add some kind of creature and game export feature and sort out getting a more secure leaderboard.

JavaScript Console

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