Performance Update

Quick post to let you know I’ve made some changes which should improve performance, let me know if it has an effect on your framerates….

2 thoughts on “Performance Update

  1. Hi, I like the idea of your game. I played it a little bit about a week or so ago on my crappy old dell laptop, and had some problems with lag and such. But today I attempted to play it on my mac, which usually runs fine, and every single window I had open froze.
    -Concerned internetarian

    • I’m not surprised by the lag, but I am surprised it would effect other windows. What browser do you use? I’ve been running it on a 5 year old macbook in chrome without those kind of problems. The game just uses canvas and javascript, which is just run by your browser – at most my game can crash your browser. I know I’ve had problems with canvas heavy sites in safari on my macbook in the past, which can cause my whole macbook to slow down. I’d be interested to see what resources the browser was using before the freeze. It’s a really CPU heavy game, could it be a heat issue? Can you run CPU stress tests fine for instance?

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