Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox

About the Game

Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox is a game where you have control over an evolving world. You will design and create species to populate the world and see them interact and evolve. The rules which govern this world are relatively simple, but will result in some very complex and possibly unexpected behavior.

Your world is not isolated on it's own, as creatures migrate they may end up appearing in other players games. Will this result in some kind of meta evolution of creatures? or will a cold war erupt between players trying to engineer the best species? Click the play game button at the top of the page and use the help menus in the game to get started.

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We are currently building a wiki for the game. Keep checking back I'll be adding pages whenever I get time.



...despite its simple basic rules, Waltonia can come up with incredibly intricate and unexpected worlds


...the game is not at all easy, and although present as a thin, conceals an important depth... But now imagine that everything is going fine. You have everything under control: your species, the plants are placed in the right spaces, you have balanced the amount of living beings and yet, something is wrong . Where have sprung those bugs? Who put those plants there? Here we come to the beautiful Waltonia : creatures migrate and will soon be in your world insects in the ecosystem and the species generated by another user. Element that is commonly defined: chaos.


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The Team

Sean Walton

I'm a Physics graduate with a PhD in Computational Civil Engineering. This is a project I've been wanting to work on for a very long time, inspired by games such as Black and White or Spore (well the game I wanted Spore to be anyway). The goal was to create a game where the player has the power to set events into motion, but not the power to really control the outcome. There is also a research interest in the project, given enough time will creatures start to evolve to maintain a stable ecosystem? When you start playing the game you'll realise how difficult this outcome is. I learnt HTML and javascript as I built this game so I'm open to suggestions and ideas from people. The best ways to get suggestions to me is to leave comments on my blog or message me on twitter. I have a full time job, this is being maintained and was created in my spare time.

David Maxmax

David Maxmax has contributed towards the art style of the game. His site can be found here.

How to Support Waltonia

The best way to support Waltonia is to keep playing the game, checking for updates and telling your friends about it. However people have kindly asked me to add a donate button to the site. I have added paypal and bitcoin donate buttons below for those who wish to donate. The money will be put towards server costs so I can increase the number of creatures submitted and downloaded from the server. Remember I'm doing this in my spare time and don't expect any money, genuinely the best thing you can do is play the game and tell your friends, but I'm not going to say no for help towards server costs! Paypal charge me 20p for each transaction, bitcoin donations are free my bitcoin address is 1NgpXsXokVRo8LRcUUYgaStRW3DjFL6Wmi

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